January 21, 2014

My Favorite Things from 2013

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Hey Everyone! In honor of my birthday and the New year I have decided to post about some of the things I pretty much became obsessed with in the year 2013:)


My number one favorite thing has got to be my espresso machine! Kris gave it to me for valentines day and I must say, other than my wedding ring, it is my favorite gift from him! you make your espresso and steam your milk and viola! DELICIOUS! My favorite recipe to make with my espresso machine is:

-2 packets of truvia

– 1 tbs. sugar free french vanilla creamer( different creamers will give a different delicious taste. ex. peppermint at Christmas.. mmmmm)

– espresso

–  1 cup of almond milk steamed

espresso machine

Find one here!


Number 2 favorite Item(s) of 2013

FIT FLOPS!! A good friend of mine introduced these suckers to me and I wear them at least 2 times a week, not to mention they are my go-to shootin’ shoes for sessions and weddings!

You can wear them ALL.DAY.LONG and your feet don’t ache! Miraculous? I think so!

They have so many styles and colors to choose from and it is the best investment!

These are the pairs I have , and here is where you can get a pair!



Favorite item #3 RED LIPSTICK/GLOSS

my friend and fellow photographer Jamie Overton gave me this lip-gloss last year and that is when my interest sparked in the possibility of wearing red lipstick to add a little pop to my ensembles… whenever I wasn’t wearing sweats of course :/



get it here:)



I couldn’t make this list without adding a Stella and Dot jewel! favorite item #4 The Kimberly Necklace

Apparently everyone came up with the amazing idea to make wearing gold jewelry the coolest thing ever…which is the coolest thing ever. I am a big fan of pendant/long necklaces and the Kimberly necklace was exactly what I was looking for:) These earring are just classic to me and look good with everything!


you know you want it!!

P.S. Pegasus Necklace I’m coming for you next!!



Favorite item #5  Scarf with fur trim from Target… this scarf just happened to look good with anything and everything in my closet… i’m pretty positive that i wore it 5 days in a row…

here I am wearing it 2 out of the 9782457683 times.


the scarf was from target, but I cant seem to find the original, but here is something similar and fabulous!



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