August 12, 2014

Abby + Ethan

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Not everyone finds their kindred spirit in life. I have been extremely blessed to have one amazing BEST friend that understands me, laughs with me, believes the way I believe, verbalizes crazy skeems that I am already thinking in my head and makes my life better!

I met Abby my freshman year of collage and although our first encounter included me wearing a sweatband, knee high socks and making a fool out of myself pretending I was a skilled track star,we became inseparable . We joined a sorority, went to parties drove down dirt roads listening to lady antebellum( which I SWARE we were the first ones to discover “love don’t live here anymore”…but that’s neither here nor there) and lived together for 5 years in 5 different places.. yep..5! They say you can’t ever live with your best friend and make it out still being friends… well we did it!

once I graduated( on my 5 1/2 yr. undergrad program 😉 ) and Abby got her masters she moved away to Oklahoma and  I was very sad ONLY… ok maybe a little happy that she was kicking butt as a Speech Language Pathologist! She has always been in search of the perfect man to be her husband and was not willing to settle. I have always loved this about Abby because while in college,I would travel to her hometown of Wellington TX to visit her family. I grew to love them and think of them as my second family, and whether they wanted me to or not I adopted myself into their clan! Family has always been number one with Abby and I knew that person she would marry would fit right in and love Abby the way only she deserved to be loved.

(I’m about to get sappy but I DON”T CARE!)

When I met Ethan it was as if a wave of emotion came over me and I just remember thinking ” he’s it, he is the one for Abby” The way he loves her is so sweet and kind and genuine. To top it all off, he has some mad fiddle skills! I really got to spend time with him this past weekend and I am happy to say I love him to pieces and he is going to make such a wonderful husband for my best friend. We went through hell(including a very angry canoe man) taking some of these pictures but I am so pleased with the results! Enjoy Abby + Ethan’s Engagement photos

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