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This post has been SUCH A LONG TIME COMING and I am so happy to share one of my biggest passions with you. After 5 years of working with women and seeing the change in their spirit and confidence after having a boudoir session something inside of me said…” WHY AM I NOT DOING THIS MORE?”  A lot of times women don’t decide to have a boudoir session until they see something posted or a friend recommends it. Even as some of you are reading this you may be thinking ” Nope, not me. That’s not something I could do and I would look so awkward and stupid.”We are often afraid that photos will show the flaw or impurities that we tried to hide so we just avoid it all together and continue to feel insecure. As we become mothers or grown in our careers we switch our focus to others and don’t take time to pamper ourselves. When you talk about feeling sexy, I think some women laugh because it seems almost silly to think that you should feel sexy and that sexy is a phase in life you pass by. Like, if you weren’t sexy when you were younger then you just aren’t a person who can be sexy… should I say sexy one more time? SEXY!!Don’t get me wrong, manicures and pedicures are a nice little break and boost to our confidence, but to truly invest in ourselves and find the inner sexy, then show the outer sexy that we ALL have… It can change the way we see ourselves! I have a pretty hilarious confession of what I do now when I find myself in normal everyday routines like, tying my shoes or washing my hands: I “spice it up a little” and see just how fancy or sultry I can do whatever it is I’m doing. I do it partially to see how I can instruct my clients but then it also makes me smile or feel a little more… buoyant! I am woman–watch me wash my hands like a sexy vixen!

My absolute favorite part of the boudoir session is when I see that small switch in confidence. When a woman starts to breathe into a pose more and their movements become a little more profound. It’s different for each client and sometimes doesn’t happen until the last 15-20 minutes…but it always happens.

EVERY SINGLE WOMAN needs to experience boudoir. To know that you are beautiful, sexy and have worth! I work very hard to make sure that each woman feels comfortable and that she is represented in the way she wants to look and feel.

Don’t let nerves or fear of being disappointed keep you from experiencing what boudoir is. It just might make all the difference in how you see yourself.

Here are some testimonials and samples of my work from 2017. I love getting emails from woman wanting to invest in themselves , so please email me to ask any questions you have or set up your own boudoir experience.

and check out my information page that tells you all about what to expect and how to plan your boudoir session:



“I kept thinking, Is that me? Yes that’s me! Im a hottie! I seriously still can’t believe that is me.” – Mrs. W

“Wow!! Truly Magical!! I love all my photos. Im so impressed and can’t stop looking at them. ” – Mrs. H

“This experience was indescribable. I was so nervous about the whole thing…I mean who can take a mom of 3 and make her feel so comfortable in her own skin? I’ve never felt as confident and beautiful as I did during this shoot. I absolutely LOVE my photos!!! ” – Mrs. P



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