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As a photographer many might think I try to book every wedding that I get inquiries about and the reality is, I don’t. That might come across as rude or like I don’t need the weddings because this business is always competitive and believe me, It would be awesome to be that booked. The reason I don’t push or hope to get every wedding is because every couple is not for me, and I am not a good fit with every couple. I have met with wonderful brides and grooms that, in the end don’t end up booking with me for what may be many reasons but may just be because we don’t fit in a business relationship. I have been EXTREMELY blessed in the fact that most of my wedding are with couples that just get me and we are basically ¬†functioning on the same brainwave come wedding day!

I can remember meetings with clients where they knew after meeting me, I wasn’t what they were looking for…and you know what, I love that. I love that they knew they had to find someone that would mesh and fit with their vision their personality and who would make them feel most comfortable on one of the most important days of their lives. I met Kayla and Devin a little over a year before they’re wedding and it was like we were meeting up as friends. They are both so friendly to begin with but Devins sense of humor was right on par with how I like to roll. Kayla has a heart of gold and is so easy to get along with. When they decided to book with me my first thought was ” this wedding is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN!” and it was you guys… and you want to know another thing… I felt constantly encouraged to try new things and get creative because not only did I know they felt comfortable but I felt comfortable! Comfortable enough to say ” yep, we are going to do this!” or ¬†in true Alex craziness ” OOOh OOOOh OOOOh I got and idea go with me!” and they did…and it was great. I was so happy to be there for these two and capture not only their day but THEM… who they are as a couple and all the things that make them special.

Bottom line: Pick a photographer that you love. Love their work and love who they are. Don’t settle or choose lower quality because you need a lower price. Don’t pick a super expensive photographer if they never get back to you, EVEN IF you love their work….you know that they won’t be easy to communicate with, and that’s important to you… so don’t.choose.them! These are your wedding photos and you can never take it back once it’s done so be picky and ask questions.


Im so excited to share these images with you from Mr. and Mrs. Trees Wedding Day

augusta wedding photographer


sisters and sister in laws

Mommas little boy.

Augusta Georgia Wedding Photographer

Aaaaan cue the tears from everyone…

Enterprise Mill Weddings


Ok, now it’s a party! Get that veil off. ” Need me to carry that babe? GOT IT!”

Time to take this party to the bar!

Ending the night with close family and friends… and a kiss from the newly married couple!

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