Dallas wedding photographer and educator for playful, timeless romance in Texas & beyond.

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Dallas wedding photography & Boudoir education for playful, timeless romance

boudoir & wedding photography for fun, fearless couples in dallas, texas & beyond

swoon-worthy photography infused with fun and sophistication

Meet Alex Blair

...your kinda weird, overly optimistic photographer

My favorite thing is to surprise people with how easy and fun taking photos can be. With 14+ years as a full-time photographer, I've learned to find the balance between having a plan of action and stepping back to let intuition guide the creative process.

People are always asking me why I am so happy ALL the time. Curious to know my secret? 👇

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Wedding Photography

Your wedding is anything but cookie cutter and so is my approach to photography. Leaning on 14+ years as a wedding photographer, I aim to deliver a fun, stress-free experience so you can truly enjoy EVERY MOMENT. While you're creating memories, I'll be there to capture them in photos you can FEEL. Photos that let you relive one of the most precious days of your life.

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Boudoir Photography

The boudoir experience is where elegance and class intertwine to create unforgettable memories. Step into a world where every detail is meticulously curated, from the soft lighting that dances upon the satin sheets to the delicate scent of champagne. Get ready for an enchanting experience to embrace your inner beauty and capture the essence of your unique femininity.

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Education for Photographers

Ready to grow and scale your photography business to the 6-figure level? Learn from my 14+ years in the industry as both a boudoir and wedding photography expert. Whether it's a 1:1 consultation to address a specific struggle or a complete overhaul of your workflow and client experience, I'm here to partner with you for the journey.

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the podcast

Inside The Balanced Lens podcast, we explore the art of intentional living and how it can lead to a joy-filled life and business. Learn to find the joy in the everyday moments a create a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.

The Blog

Get lost in the Alex Blair Photography Blog, where you'll find a plethora of resources and inspiration for Texas weddings, boudoir photography and tricks of the trade for aspiring photographers. 

The Galleries

Curious about our work here at Alex Blair Photography? Explore our curated collection of wedding galleries, engagement sessions, and boudoir photography. Let our playful, emotive style delight the senses on your journey to finding the perfect Texas-based photographer (*ahem* or you can skip the hassle and just reach out to Alex directly right here.)