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A romantic at heart, I'm dedicated to capturing the magic that makes your love story incredible. I understand how challenging it can be to trust someone with something so precious and personal. That's why great communication and impeccable customer service are at the heart of my brand. Caring is essential in this industry. I want you to feel comfortable enough to be authentically you and know that I am looking forward to your wedding day as much as you are!

I'm Alex



Braums ICe cream


romance novels

My Favorites

As a photographer for the past 13 years, I specialize in fine art and luxury weddings that feel a personal. I'm an extrovert and a daydreamer with a passion for all things romantic, which shines through in my work. I adore romance and classic novels. Yes, pride and prejudice is one of my all time favorite books... its just that good you guys!

When I'm not working my magic behind the camera, I love spending time with my husband and two children. You'll often find us at the zoo or eating Braums ice cream (double turtle sundae with chocolate ice cream is my favorite!).

My husband and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage this year and he is truly the fire that lights my passion for life and love and photography. Our love story is my favorite and capturing yours is my priority. Are you ready to start your journey?