A Guide to Handling Unhappy Boudoir Clients

Experiencing an unhappy boudoir client is a part and parcel of the industry. It’s crucial to remember that such instances are often a result of misinterpretation or differing expectations.

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The most common reasons clients reach out with complaints include:
1. Misrepresentation: Clients feel the service or product they received didn’t match what was promised.
2. Underwhelming work: Clients perceive the work quality didn’t meet their expectations.
3. Billing discrepancies: Clients may have a different understanding of the service and product costs.
4. Unprofessionalism: Clients believe that the service wasn’t professional or safe.

As a boudoir photographer, you’re likely to face subjective complaints given the product’s personal and intimate nature. Swift and efficient resolution of these conflicts is essential to turn a disgruntled client into a loyal one. Here are five steps to handle unhappy boudoir clients:

1. LISTEN TO THEM: Make a genuine effort to listen to your client’s feedback without being defensive. Even if the client comes off as rude, maintain your calm and courtesy. Remember, most unhappy clients don’t voice their concerns, so such feedback provides an opportunity to improve.

2. Communicate: Choose your mode of communication wisely while discussing the issue with your unhappy client. Misunderstandings can often arise from written communication, so prefer a direct phone or video call.This may not be easy for you but please believe me when i tell you, it will end much better and faster AND you will feel better quicker just hopping on a call.

3. Respond and offer a solution: Aim to find a solution that suits both parties. Sometimes, a heartfelt apology can resolve the issue. When suggesting solutions, provide multiple options, giving clients a sense of control. If necessary, consider a reshoot, re-editing the photos, or even a refund.
4. Follow up: After implementing the resolution, verify with your client whether their concerns have been adequately addressed. Consider offering additional services or discounts to rebuild trust. However, be prepared that some issues might not be resolvable. In such cases, maintain your firmness but fairness. This is probably the most important. As photographers we tend to be pushovers, but standing firm speaks volumes about how you value your business and giving in to what the client wants when it may go against your contract or policy will only make you feel worse.

5. Learn: Use each unhappy client’s feedback as a learning opportunity to improve your services and skills. Negative feedback is unavoidable in any industry but can be beneficial if used constructively.

Remember, when dealing with an unhappy boudoir client, avoid being defensive or making excuses. Instead, focus on finding solutions to enhance client satisfaction and continually improve the quality of your work.

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