Mr. and Mrs. Malone

This couple was all smiles and kissy kissy goodness on their wedding day! Kris and Wade were in Phi Delta Theta together and Wade was in our wedding, so this was already a special day for us to celebrate! We love Wade so much and Katelyn truly has such a kind heart and a giving spirit. She sure knows how to plan and pull off a wedding! I see many couples get married and each couple loves each other so much, but it is expressed so differently. ┬áThis couples first look was one of my favorites just because they were both so happy to see and be around each other and more than that; they were SO READY to become man and wife. They took time to talk to each other, give each other gifts and just be together alone before the day truly began. Beaming smiles on both Wade and Katelyn as everyone watched her come down the isle. Once the wedding was over…party time! Complete with glow sticks! This was my first wedding to photograph pregnant and by myself and although I thought I might not make it, the fun and excitement was such a great distraction from those sore feet! Please enjoy the images from Katelyn and Wade’s wedding!

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