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Guy and girl cuddling on stone bridge

Dallas Engagement// Katie + Hayes




Engagement Photos

Dallas Engagement// Katie + Hayes

Guy and girl cuddling on stone bridge

Dallas  Engagement// Katie + Hayes

Capturing these two was an adventure! We shot this mid Dallas engagement session at Katie’s parent’s home in their gorgeous front yard. A little about these two…Katie is the outgoing one. Hayes was a little more shy. So when it came to playing in the water, Hayes wasn’t too sure at first. He did it simply because Katie wanted to, and that’s love! When we got out of the water we realized we had tiny leeches all over us! WORTH it. The shots of these two are gorgeous.

How they met:

Hayes and Katie were introduced by two of their close friends (also a couple) at a Cinco De Mayo charity party in 2017.  At the time, Katie wasn’t interested in meeting anyone but as soon as she met Hayes, she changed her mind! 😉  A funny side note about that day – the morning of the party Katie woke up with one eye swollen shut due to a spider bite. That wasn’t about to stop Katie from from the party, because she loves Cinco De Mayo! Thankfully the swelling went down and there was a face painter at the event, so Katie had her paint some pretty florals around that particular eye and Hayes never even noticed the swelling!

 Wedding Plans:

This Dallas, Texas estate engagement session is on Katie’s folks land and it is simply stunning! In similar fashion, Katie & Haye’s wedding will be held at her family ranch in Glen Rose, Texas. They are staying very much on brand but with a little bit of TexMex mixed in there as well. Cowboy boots encouraged! Hayes is from Baton Rouge so, in addition to the BBQ we are making sure to incorporate his roots as well. There will be a “Calling Baton Rouge” area serving his favorite Louisiana Beers and Cajun Cuisne! The Royal Dukes Band of Dallas will be performing under a tent connected to the barn. They are keeping it chic but casual! I cannot wait to share their Texas wedding with you on the blog!

Words from Katie:

“Of course I cannot wait to marry my best friend, but I am also really looking forward to getting all our people together! It’s going to be such a special time for us to have everyone in one place (God and Covid willing). Being surrounded by family and friends is the most important thing for us!”

Couple cuddling and kissing on stone bridge Couple cuddling on stone bridge Blonde woman holding kitten in greenhouse

This is Biscuit, Katies kitten. How can you not want to hold this sweet baby?

Couple kissing in greenhouse in Dallas estate engagement Couple embracing in front of book shelf and grand piano in Dallas estate engagement

Couple embracing and laughing on stone path in gardenGuy hugging girl from behind holding her hands in Dallas engagement
Girl sitting on guys lap in front of pond Couple walking hand in hand next to stone bridge

Couple walking hand in hand next to stone bridge

Guy hugging girl from behind holding her hands in Dallas engagementGuy hugging girl from behind holding her hands in Dallas engagement

Couple playing in creek bedCouple playing in creek bed

Couple playing in creek bed


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